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Natural beauty products are something I have been testing and researching more and more over the past few years. Since being a lot more aware and selective about what foods I put in my body I have become more conscious of the products I put on my body as these can also have a great impact on your health. Also with your skin being the largest most absorbent organ of your body it makes sense to be mindful of the products you use and also know more about the ingredients used in cosmetics.
Unfortunately bath, hair, beauty, and cosmetic products are largely filled with harmful ingredients such as sulphates, parabens, fragrances, and preservatives. Some ingredients can cause numerous skin complaints and irritations while others are proven to be carcinogenic.
For these reasons I have been slowly swapping out my not so nice make up products for some much kinder ones. For me personally it is a slow process and one that requires a lot of trial and error when testing out new products. I am pretty damn fussy with make up – particularly foundation and I am yet to find a natural one that does the job for me, so for foundation the quest is still on going (although Vapour Organic did steal my heart for a while).
However I do have a few other products that I have tried out recently and seem to be getting along with:
I was lucky enough to get my hands on this blusher in a sample sale and I’m so glad I came across it. Inika is an organic make up brand that I had been wanting to try for a while, I had seen the brand across many organic cosmetic websites and was intrigued by all the great reviews I read. I had high hopes when I finally got this blusher and it really didn’t disappoint. The colour is a very natural nude with a slight plum tint, not a colour that I would usually go for but I actually love it! Also, being quite a messy person when it comes to applying make up I’m not one for loose powders at all, however the pot has a great little lid that you can twist to release/hold the powder. No more powdery dressing table for me!
I cannot tell you how long I have been trying to find a good natural nude lipstick – a long long time! I always say that I’m not much of a lipstick wearer but in fact this is just not true, what I really mean to say is I’m not a lover of lipstick colours that stand out on me. I envy people who look amazing in a bright pink or classic red lip but I’m just not one of those people. Don’t get me wrong I have tried and tested many a bold lip, but I swear I just look wrong. My old faithful has been and still is MAC Cremesheen in Creme D’Nude, but considering I am unable to find out the exact ingredients for this online, it is pretty worrying to say the least. On a day of madness a couple of months ago I ventured out of my comfort zone and bought a pink lipstick, more specifically I bought the Burt’s Bees lipstick in Lily Lake. I loved it. The colour didn’t actually scare me too much and the texture of the lipstick is so smooth and creamy it actually just feels like lip balm. Continuing my quest for a more friendlier alternative to MAC, I discovered the Burt’s Bees Nile Nude. I really hoped that this shade would be a close match to my MAC lipstick but when it arrived I realised it was quite a few shades darker. I still recommend this lipstick as the ingredients are a lot safer than others out there and the quality and texture is beautiful, I’m just not quite convinced that this is a shade for me.
Lily Lolo is a brand that I am very new to, since discovering it just a few weeks ago I have bought the  loose bronzer and the eyeliner pencil and have been using both for about week. 
So far I am in love with this bronzer. It has a very golden glow to it that is something I have been trying to find in a bronzer for years. Being a mineral powder it feels very soft and luxurious on your skin while giving a reflective glow similar to a highlighter, in fact I would say it is more like a bronzer and highlighter in one. I should warn you however this is a very golden shade of bronzer which you can see in the final swatch image below so will not be to everyone’s liking and also if you prefer a matte bronzer this one certainly won’t be for you.
The eyeliner pencil is a very nice quality and consistency, I always find that most eye make up I wear seems to transfer underneath my eyes and also in the crease of my eyelid. This eyeliner was no exception and still transferred however I think using a setting powder around the eyes would probably sort this problem – it’s just something I always forget to do. The shade is a nice deep velvety black and it works great on the waterline too. This brand is extremely affordable which makes me love it even more.
When I first started looking into natural cosmetic brands, W3ll People was one of the first companies I looked at. Firstly because of the range of products it produces and secondly because of the brilliant reviews and recommendations it has online. I decided to try the Bio Brightener Powder to use as a setting powder over my foundation. The powder is loose but I don’t find it to be messy at all, it goes on great over liquid foundations and is easy enough it carry around in your bag without any spillages.  I use the powder if I am wearing a particularly dewy foundation or one that I know will look shiny after a few hours of wear, for this reason I find it slightly confusing that the powder is said to give a youthful glow as for me it works brilliantly as a mattifying powder. It could be that this product works differently for various skin types but never the less it has become a staple in my make up case.
As you can see these are two of my most well used products and actually the first natural organic make up products I ever used. Known for their amazingly nourishing ingredients RMS Beauty is possibly my favourite natural organic cosmetic brand.
The Lip2Cheek is a smooth pigmented cream that can be used as a lip colour or blusher, I have used it for both and can confirm it works brilliantly either way. Being the lip colour coward that I am I usually use this as a blusher when I want a bit more of a brighter cheek. The main ingredient in this is coconut oil so it glides on beautifully and blends like a dream. I couldn’t recommend it more.
I have had a love hate relationship with the Buriti Bronzer but most recently have been in a strong and stable loving relationship with it. The texture is much like the Lip2Cheek with a smooth, creamy feel and very nourishing. My only dislike to it was the colour, for me it just isn’t the right shade for my skin and is far too dark to wear as a bronzer. However, I wanted to love it and kept trying it hoping one day it would be the bronzer of my dreams, until I thought about trying it as an eyeshadow.   The colour and consistency works amazing for me as an eyeshadow, it glides on smoothly and blends incredibly well. What’s even better is that the main ingredient is again coconut oil and is also high in vitamin A – surely there is no better way to keep wrinkles at bay. 
Swatches of the products I have talked about from left to right:
RMS Lip2Cheek – Demure
RMS Buriti Bronzer
Burt’s Bees Lipstick – Nile Nude
Inkia Loose Mineral Blush – Blooming Nude
Lily Lolo Loose Mineral Bronzer – Waikiki
Hopefully this post has been helpful to you and has given you some good ideas of products to try if you are thinking of switching your products to safer natural ones. Getting to know products and ingredients more is a great way to start and an easy way to do this is to research what products you use and what ingredients are found in them. 
There are a couple of places you can look to find out more such as: 
These are the websites I use to buy my products from:

Thanks so much for reading!


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