Are you ready to be inspired, supported and motivated on your health journey?


I’m Alison Julie and I’m here to help navigate you on your way to better health.

I’m a certified Mindfulness Coach and currently studying Naturopathic Health. 

I’m passionate about using a natural, holistic and evidence based approach to women’s health, gut issues, mental health and the mind body connection.


30 different plant foods a week low fodmap

A little more about me...

From a very young age I struggled with multiple health conditions such as endometriosis, ibs, interstitial cystitis and anxiety.

I spent years researching and learning how to support and improve my own health.

I believe in a full 360 approach to health and wellbeing, bringing the mind, body and soul together to work as one.

I’m a huge fan of personal development and I love supporting others on their own personal development journey.

What people are saying...

“Thank you for helping me diversify my diet!.”
“Alison. My heart just jumped with joy when I read your first point.”
“Okay this was seriously so informative. I consider myself very health conscious...yet this is a topic I've not dipped my toes into...I learned so much!”
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