Autumn Appreciation and Winter Preparation

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Honestly, up until this year the only season I ever really enjoyed was summer. Summer was my time of year, a time for warm light summer nights, hazy mornings, sunbathing and dining al fresco. Anything other than summertime just wouldn’t do. But more recently for reasons unknown I have developed a new found awareness and appreciation of all seasons and the changes within each one. I think the appeal has been the feeling of a new start, a chance for new beginnings and to turn over a new leaf (preferably a chestnut coloured crunchy one.)
The start of Autumn brought me so much excitement for the months ahead, I really started to take more notice of all the colours changing and the mornings feeling crisper and with Halloween around the corner what was there to not be excited about?! Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate the cold and how easily I feel the cold, it honestly makes me feel so miserable! But so far the change in weather hasn’t affected me too much, yes I have been layering up more and noticing how icy cold my car feels getting into it each morning, but for the first time, it hasn’t made me feel down at all!
For someone who hates the cold weather I have really been getting on board with it this year and making the most of the colder months. I have been spending more time wrapping myself up and going on sunny walks, taking Mika on even earlier morning walks while it’s still dark and peaceful, and making my home extra cosy at night with candles, a lit fire and most importantly turning that central heating up!
Now that we are getting nearer to winter I feel like it’s time to start preparing for that next drop in temperature. So far I have stocked up by purchasing practically the entire of Primark’s 300 denier fleece lined tights, my favourite M&S thermals and a daylight lamp for the extra dark mornings when it feels like you are waking up at midnight. The key is in the prep, once that is done I can sit back and relax while clutching an endless amount of hot water bottles – but hopefully still with a smile on my face.
Until then, we still have exactly 39 days of autumn left to enjoy before winter officially begins. So I will just be over here, going on some more crisp sunny walks, figuring out what to make out of my left over pumpkins (so far one has been made into a soup which I will share the recipe for soon), and snuggling up in front of the fire surrounded by candles while potentially watching some Christmas films because it is NEVER too early.
I hope your autumn is treating you well and hopefully you are making the most of it too!


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