I am a certified Mindfulness coach, I’ve gained a diploma in Nutrition and I am currently studying Naturopathic Health.

I’m so passionate about helping others to improve their health after struggling with my own and not getting the help and support I needed.

I’m a firm believer in self help and I know there is so much we can do to improve our own health and wellbeing with the right guidance and support.

I’m here to help you on your journey.

My Story…

I was diagnosed with stage 4 Endometriosis almost 20 years ago and have also suffered from anxiety, stress, ibs, Berger’s disease, interstitial cystitis and chronic skin problems in that time.

I spent a large part of my adolescent years in extreme pain, back and fourth to hospitals, undergoing various treatments and feeling completely on my own wondering “why me?”.

By the time I was 21 I had already been through laparoscopic surgery and a medically induced menopause twice.

I felt I wasn’t taken seriously by the healthcare system and the help I received was very much aimed at suppressing symptoms. The focus was “putting a plaster on” instead of looking at root causes and my body as a whole.

I decided to take charge of my own situation and completely immerse myself in the holistic health and wellbeing world, while learning and implementing as much as I could.

I made powerful changes to my diet and lifestyle and I’m happy to say that I’ve managed to turn my life around and dramatically improve my health over the years.

Learning from experience…

I believe health and wellbeing needs to be looked at with a complete 360 approach. We can’t treat things in isolation as all our systems in the body are hugely affected by one another. No system works completely independently, they all rely on each other to function properly.

Mindset plays a vital role in healing your health and improving your wellbeing in general. That’s why I believe it’s equally important to work on the mind as it is to work on the physical body.

I’m a huge believer that there’s always something to learn from every situation we find ourselves in.

This Is For you…

This space is for anyone who is struggling with their health, mood, energy or mindset. It’s for the person who wants to improve their situation, create positive change and finally start feel better in themselves.

I completely understand how isolating it can feel to be struggling with your health and that’s why I’m here. Nobody should ever have to feel alone.

No matter what stage you are at with your health and wellbeing journey I’m sure you will find something here to help you.

Also please feel free to reach out using the contact form, I love hearing from you!

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